Negative Energies

This webinar will discuss ways in which negative energy affects us and how to clear our home and other environments so we can be in tune with our higher selves. And so that we can begin to draw positive people and experiences into our lives.

  • What are negative energies exactly?
  • How can negative energies affect me?
  • Why does negative seem to follow me in life no matter where I go?
  • What are some signs you have bad energy in your body?
  • How can I clear unhealthy energy from my body and mind?
  • What should positive energy feel like?
  • What does my inner balance have to do with the energies I attract?
  • How do you know if your home has negative energies?
  • What are ways to detect where negative or old stagnant energy is in my home?
  • What if I am scared to go to an area of my home or a space? What do I do?
  • How can I clear bad energy from my home?
  • How does clutter affect my energy?
  • How do I sort things in my home or space?
  • How does fresh air make a difference in a space?
  • Can plants make a difference in a space? If so, what plants do I choose?
  • Do incense really make a difference?
  • What is smudge?
  • What is the science behind smudging?
  • Can all natural items help clear a home or the body?
  • How do I stop negative from coming in that is attached to people?
  • How can animals help you determine energy in different areas of your home or space?
  • How can sound change the vibration of a home or space?
  • What are other tricks to clearing a home or space?


DURATION: 1 hour and 47 minutes 

FORMAT: Video + mP3


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