Psychic Development

Unlocking and strengthening your innate psychic potential can be done in fast, effective ways to develop your abilities. There are stages of growth that your abilities go through, much like we grow as human beings from childhood into adulthood. We begin with simple observation skills and eventually move forward to deeper techniques before entering the stage of psychic mastery.

This may include anything from divination and trance to meditation and performing readings. Though this may be an individual’s goal, everyone needs a routine when developing their psychic muscles. Without it, we are left open and weak simultaneously because once open, we also discover how many different places to go with our development. It can get hauntingly confusing. This is when many lose control and fall into fear, frustration, or confusion.

Fear and psychic ability can’t coexist. It never ends well. Deepening your psychic ability means to work on you on all different levels, mind, body and soul. Kim will discuss some quick and accessible methods that build upon one another, that can help you become a proficient psychic, and stay balanced and wholesome at the same time. Explore some helpful exercises on clairvoyance, and intuition, that also nurture the spiritual, clairvoyant, intellectual, sensitive, impressionable, responsive, unworldly sentient being that you truly are.

    • How does the mind affect our guidance system or intuition?
    • What is the Interval of 7 and what does it mean to us when it comes to our psychic growth and development?
    • If psychic ability is chiefly about believing in the power of the mind and the power to be in control of your own destiny, how do you steer that ship safely?
    • Is mind reading a good way of tapping into my intuition and psychic abilities when it comes to reading other people? How do I know when it’s appropriate?
    • Is mind reading invading on others when I am constantly picking things up about others in casual conversations? Or even from people passing by?
    • Why do I pick things up about strangers so easily? Can this be shut down? Should it be shut down? Can I remain open and not feel like I am overloaded?
    • Why does my inner psychic sometimes make me feel crazy?
    • How do I develop my intuition and refine my psychic abilities without losing my mind?
    • Why am I off more than I am on lately?
    • I keep hearing that these gifts are already embedded deep within my spirit. Why then do I struggle so much keeping my energy fields open to psychic information?
    • Is it true that certain planetary placements in a birth chart can reveal an individual’s extrasensory perceptions? Can my zodiac be affecting my abilities?
    • What do solar flares have to do with my intuition abilities or disruptions in my abilities?
    • I used to see so vividly before and now I struggle to see images. What is happening? Am I losing my intuition?
    • What are some daily activities I can do to keep my psychic muscles sharp?
    • How do you learn to follow your own truth by trusting your gut instincts?
    • Do old belief systems about psychic ability sometimes interfere with my abilities?
    • What does it mean to grab a coffee with my intuition? What is the difference between a straightforward conversation with my intuition and an emotional nonverbal one?
    • How can associating people with color enhance my intuition?
    • Tell me more about scanning the room, getting dreamy, and reading pictures. Why is a picture worth a thousand words?
    • If the fastest way to tap into my psychic abilities is to cultivate a healthy relationship with my subconscious mind, what is a pathway into this realm?
    • How can dreams symbolize the alternative reality to our waking world?
    • How are dreams a portal to my psychic awareness?
    • Can recording my dreams help me be more comfortable with my subconscious.
    • Will I begin to realize the incredible fluidity between worlds by getting to know symbols in general?


DURATION: 2 hours and 19 minutes

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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