Our Purpose

Why am I here?

What’s my purpose?

What does life mean?

These are questions most of us ask from time to time, feeling that we are part of something greater and left wondering what that is exactly. As we enter earth, we commit ourselves to a life purpose, a mission! Living in accordance with this purpose is being in sync with the universe. Our roles determine our destiny and destiny leads us to our roles.

Get ready to look at your life from a new perspective by opening the different doors of possibilities to simplify your world.
  • Have you ever stopped to listen to the story you tell yourself day in and day out?
  • Is that story getting you down?
  • Are you waiting for life to change around you before you jump into some other job, some other relationship or circumstance that would make you happier?
  • Are you stuck in old patterns and programs, feeling vulnerable and or fearful of what tomorrow will bring?
  • Do you follow your joy?
  • Are you unsure of what even makes you happy?

We humans are at an important time in our lives. World events have and are changing us. We are changing as a collective whether we like it or not. The narratives to our life stories are changing rapidly and this is a bit unnerving because the world that was once suggested to us does not fit with us anymore. The old ways are not sustainable, and we are being asked to be more resource friendly and yet the world around us is all consuming.


Did you ever wonder why? 

The leaders we once trusted are a part of a system that failed us. How can we change this? How can we find meaning and purpose in our everyday life? How can we live purposefully and break the old programs and patterns that keep making us feel alone, lost, and miserable?  Is it plausible to live in a way that we follow our joy or is that just a fool’s dream? Collectively, we are questioning and self-examining in massive scales. Self-truth is at the forefront of our minds constantly. Honesty seems to be the single most important theme around us and yet everything we know looks like one huge lie. We don’t know what way to choose and if or what we are doing is our purpose or not. Or maybe we are adding to the old, outdated patterns or working towards the new. Who the heck knows? It all seems upside down and or spinning out of control.


In what way are we all responsible for the world we see around us? Is it possible that you and I created it? What is the purpose of us coming to earth, if we were going to mess it all up in the first place? What is the real mission of being here anyway? What is our potential in this world? And why do we feel lost even after reaching goals? Why did past goals never turn into a life purposes? What have we been doing wrong? How can we make things right on a soul level?


Join Kim, as she goes through these themes to help you find your own answers. Your soul wants you to know what will set you free, to be the best version of yourself. It is time to embrace your authentic self, to align with your soul’s frequency and become who you are truly meant to be.

  • What does the life of a person that is living their life purpose look like?
  • How do you get clarity to live with joy and live purposefully?
  • How did your childhood affect you in not having a purpose? What are the patterns given to you that caused you to make life choices that led you to unfulfillment?
  • What is the collective? What does it have to do with you being unfulfilled in life?
  • How is the Collective Purpose changing?
  • What does it mean to be truly purposeful?
  • How do you take your power back and live in an authentic way?

Our whole purpose here on Earth could be said to take our last breath and die gracefully, but first to take a courageous breath and live courageously with dignity and grace.” Kimspirational
DURATION: 2 hours and 1 minute
FORMAT: Video + MP3


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***NOTE: After purchase, you will receive an email with the CODE to watch this webinar in the MY PURCHASES section.


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