Soulmates come in many forms and can be much more than a romantic partner. It is someone with whom you feel an intense connection, no matter its title.

They can play an active role in our lives and in our spiritual journey. Each kind of soulmate shares an exclusive lifelong bond that cannot be broken, and they often fit into our Divine Life Purpose somehow.

Deep connections shape soulmates, and while people often see soulmates as mainly a love story-perfect match, soulmates can go beyond, often being the person that can uplift and fulfill you in life-changing ways.

  • How do I know if (this person) is my soulmate?
  • How can I balance my relationship with my soulmate?
  • Is my current partner my soulmate?
  • What are examples of soulmates?
  • And More…


    DURATION: 2 hours and 17 minutes 

    FORMAT: Video + MP3


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