Connecting with Rituals

With a changing world and so many unknowns, rituals remain important in our lives. Rituals help us create bonds, and encourage sharing. Traditionally rituals were a way of passing down teachings, and acted as a kind of social glue that held communities together. Today they tend to be used as a way of distressing, taking time out from the mental mind and finding inner peace. They allow us to tap-in, so that we can handle the world around us. In this webinar, Kim will talk about rituals that she connects with. She will take you into her actual sacred space, the tipi, where she connects with mother earth, the fire and the medicines, the music… bringing you deep into her special rituals. She will share about the meaning behind the ritual how she uses this very special sacred space to connect with her guides.


DURATION: 1 hours and 34 minutes + Stonehenge Meditation

FORMAT: Video   


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