Soul Development


We are much more than the 3-dimensional beings that we see when we look in the mirror. There is much more to our existence and the world around us than what meets the eye. For generations, the narrative has not changed.

People are still asking the same questions such as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why did I come to the earth? Collective questions often bring about collective answers. Mortals have opened a doorway to understanding that we truly are spiritual beings.

Our souls have been coming to this planet for many years and for many lifetimes. There must be something to it. Our bodies only lasted a certain period and so we kept coming back to finish what we started in other lifetimes. We came together, we will grow together.

We don’t have to keep learning the same lessons repeatedly. And so, if we are here as a collective, what is it that we came to learn? What do we need to know about soul development?

  • How do our souls develop individually?
  • How do our souls develop as a collective?
  • If we are here as a collective, then does that mean we have collective karma?
  • How does collective karma affect our soul development on different levels? As a parent, a child, a sibling, a community member, a member of a specific society or country?
  • Do we keep coming back to earth even if we have evolved?
  • Are we here to help others grow?
  • When we are aware of our spiritual selves it makes it significantly more difficult to stand back and not control others. It makes lessons feel like our lessons. How can we know what is ours and what is not?
  • Do we take on other people’s karma by getting involved?
  • How can we recognize when to act and when not to?
  • What else do I need to know about my soul’s development?

DURATION: 2 hours and 07 minutes

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Kim Doucette is a one of a Kind!

Rated 5 out of 5

I had a session with Kim in January 2023. I was so impressed, even my Angel 😇 Carole that same evening say you must return before she returns overseas. I’ve sense seen Kim several times, always a spiritual joy!

Today I felt guided to become a member of her on line presence. I look forward to the Adventure and the improvements and enlightening messages.

Stewart Mills

Open Up Wide always leads me to what I need

Rated 5 out of 5

This site and app contain a treasure trove of information and useful tools to help my human and spiritual progress. Kim presents beautiful workshops and healing messages. Her oracle card decks are beautiful, and helps me find the answers that I seek. It is said, seek and ye shall find… Do seek through the different parts of this site. It will always lead you to what you need. Sincerely, Kelly Graham

Kelly Graham

In love with the free trial can’t wait to get the full experience

Rated 5 out of 5

Enjoying the free meditations and positive experience I can’t wait to get the full experience with the app !!! Love you angel mom – Macy (:

Macy fowler
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