Transform Your Life


Like your health, a negative lifestyle or stress filled existence without proper treatment, could turn into a condition that deteriorates and spreads and depreciates your daily activities and quality of life. None of that is needed and can be completely avoided or fixed.

It’s time to break free and transform your life. It’s time to dig deep into the sticky barrel of life and clean it out before adding ingredients to it.

Otherwise, you are hiding what’s underneath and avoiding the truth of what lies beneath. Let’s get some soap and water and clean that sucker out.

1.    Learn how to break free from the mundane of your life.
2.    Discover ways to enjoy a healthy existence burden free.
3.    Prevent negativity from holding you back from the things you want in life, like starting a family, holding a bright and healthy job, or holding a loving relationship.
4.    Become aware of patterns and programs that hold you back from losing weight, building a better network, being more productive, getting smarter, etc.
5.    Draw forth the ultimate power within you.
6.    See lessons as blessings, not burdens.
7.    Learn how to build, nourish, and support a strong enough desire to create what you have your heart set on.
8.    Learn how to engage in higher education that allows your higher self to run the show.
9.    Change how you look at yourself, through intentional thoughts and actions.
10.   What does self-construction, self-identity, self-perspective, or self-structure collectively have to do with my beliefs about myself and what I need to do to clean up my life?
11.   How can I co-create with my higher self to change my life?
12.   Start to live from a place of gratitude.
13.   Live a different life on purpose.
14.   Go beyond your current thoughts, visualizations, words, faith, actions, patterns, programs, and beliefs.
15.   Set yourself free.

If you have any questions during the webinar, please write them down and ask at the end of the live webinar, during the Q&A.


July 22nd 2023


9am Los Angeles, California, US Time Zone

10am Calgary, AB, Canada Time Zone

12pm New York/Toronto Eastern Time Zone

1pm Moncton Atlantic Time Zone

5pm London UK Time Zone

6pm Central European Time Zone

10:30pm India Time Zone

4am Australia Sydney Time Zone


ZOOM online live event


1-2 hours + Q&A


$20 CAD

This webinar will be recorded so you can watch it again. The code will be sent to you after we release the replay of this recording.


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Amazing content

Rated 5 out of 5

I truely appreciate and enjoy the content you put out. Honestly I realized a few weeks ago that I actually felt “at peace”. It is something I have not felt in longer than I can remember. Looking forward to the webinar on Sunday! Love it!

Debbie L.

You are a true inspiration

Rated 5 out of 5

I really enjoyed the event. It was truly inspiring and motivating and certain aspects were really meant for me to hear. Thank you Kim I am always amazed by your gift and talents.

Cathy Cormier

I love it!

Rated 5 out of 5

As always, Kim’s messages are accurate, full of love, passion and compassion. She teaches from the soul and it shows. Thank you Kim.

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