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If you have been drawn to this oracle deck, then you likely had lifetimes in Atlantis or know friends or family members who have. You are amongst the chosen ones stationed here on Earth at this time to help bring back the devoted unconditional love from the visionary time of Atlantis. You may be called to learn more about Atlantis or go deeper into understanding how Atlantis has affected us today.

These cards are designed to aid us in reconnecting with the energy or frequency of Atlantis and our planetary movement forward. The cards in this deck feature concepts Atlanteans (the people of Atlantis) held in their hearts. If you have been called to these cards, you are now being asked to remember these concepts of the heart to do your part in the greater mission. Whether you recall your Atlantean lifetimes or not, is not important. The importance is on calling back our gifts from the time of Atlantis and bringing the energy of Atlantis to this generation and future generations. We each have a sacred contract with Heaven. These cards will help you to align with your contract and help move you further in the direction of your dreams.

The vocabulary in this card deck may seem different than everyday language with the intention to invite the reader to look for deeper meaning and to dissect the words being offered. Searching for subconscious understanding is important for individual growth and personal spiritual expansion. It is my wish for the reader to begin to investigate the beliefs attached to words commonly used in spiritual circles and discover what is true for you. This process teaches you the importance of questioning and the power of critical thought; which plays a part in changing your life; and your karmic journey in general.

Many uses of terms referring to God in this booklet are intended to be neutral and are not associated with any one religion. The cards are spiritual in nature and not religious. Whatever you wish to call your maker is perfect and whole. The terms used in this booklet may be as follows: Creator, Universal Wisdom, Father/Mother God, Oneness etc.

These cards, and the booklet with it, helps us to revaluate our ‘Belief Structures, Speech Patterns and Thought Processes’, to begin letting go of the old and to choose our new programs that we wish to embrace. We must first know what we ‘truly desire’ before we can begin to download the new programs that will ultimately transform our human existence. When we know our “inner self” and have a complete awareness that we are one with everything, then we can break free of the human chrysalis. It is then that we can accept our true co-creative energies with the Creator and embrace our authentic power as individuals. As we empower ourselves, those around us will benefit from our self-work, and so evolution of humans begins to take place.

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