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Crystals hold the wisdom of the original people who lived on the Earth, the departed wisdom-keepers from all parts of the world. They hold secrets of wise ones, medicine people, shamanic healers, warriors, the druids and others who had knowledge that helped their people multiply and prosper.

This card deck is designed to guide you in answering some of life’s most-deepest and personal questions. Each card focuses on a specific aspect of your life. With each card, you will see suggestions, answers and guidance to lead you into the process of personal development and success. If you are serious about making life changes, living more consciously aware and progressing on a soul level, then these cards will get you there faster.

The ancestral wisdoms held within the crystals can be called upon in prayer, meditation and ceremony for healing, to create change and support.
Together, Crystals and Ancestors bring a powerful contribution of wisdom that can help us in our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional life. Crystals offer a non-critical, complete loving energy that can help us feel safe and guided.

Crystals can offer us experience that they obtained as they have shared space with Mother Earth, Her Magic and Her Medicine for multitudes of years.

With this powerful oracle you have the opportunity to tap into the great Medicine Wisdom and to bridge the gap between us and Mother Earth. Together we can work as one again. Connection and Ceremony is where we are being called back to. Healing the self first is how we will get back to our natural spiritual capacities. It is then that we will step up into the role of ceremony keepers.

With this deck, allow the wisdom of the ancestors to bring you direct messages that will set you on track towards a life filled with magic and wisdom.

Within the hidden spiritual realms of crystals are ancient ancestors who are using their wisdom to help heal the new generations of the Earth. As humankind has lost its connection to the Earth, Crystals have emerged to help mankind ground once again. We can access this incredible force of kindness and compassion, but first we must be willing to humble ourselves and to allow ourselves to listen.

This oracle deck will help you forge that connection. Crystal Ancestors are connected with the higher realms such as angels and other higher beings whom are charged with monitoring the wellbeing of all sentient beings.

Collectors have connected with the higher frequencies of the crystals and have placed them in all four corners of the world. Each Crystal may have different names and colours, but their essence and mission remain the same; to bring peace, ground us, and to help and guide.

It will be important to take time out and let the cards speak to you on a deeper level before jumping into new questions. Allow time to process the information that comes to you. It takes time before coming into your full spiritual power.

There are several ways to use this card deck. Follow the recommended suggestions in the guidebook.

Blessings on your spiritual and personal life journey.


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