Fairies and Nature Spirits

Archangel Ariel will help us connect to the Fairies, who are the tiny guardian angels taking care of our environment and the animals. Fairies have a world of their own and we are living in a very special time in our existence where we are finally willing to humble ourselves enough to look inside their world. The fairies inhabit a space called, “Neither Here nor There”.

It is a fascinating place, and they are ever so gracious when we find ways to learn about them and keep them safe. We’ll get an understanding of how the human world depends on their important work.

Join me, as we honour them and approach them with respect. They’ll teach us to play, laugh and have fun.

    • What kind of fairies should I be looking for?
    • Where can I find fairies?
    • What is the ‘neither here nor there’ space?
    • How can I earn the trust of fairies?
    • How can I create an environment that keeps fairies safe?
    • How can I protect fairies?
    • Is it possible that I was a fairie in another life?
    • And more…


DURATION: 2 hours and 12 minutes

FORMAT: Video + MP3 + PDF


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