Sacred Geometry & Crystals

Geometric patterns and shapes are woven into the very fabric of our beings and are what built the foundations of the universe we belong to. They are what vibrate and deliver energy in and around us. They can also heal your body, focus your mind, and ground your soul. Geometrical shapes are present and fundamental in our lives. We can’t escape it, as every part of our being relates and interacts with them.

Geometry promotes balance and a deeper spiritual connection with the world around us. It is made up of patterns, codes, and symbols, which are the ingredients of all designs big and small, of all creation. From honeycombs to snowflakes, to the shape of our ear, everything seems to hold harmony or balance. Understanding geometry, patterns or shapes are key to understand the “you-niverse”.

Deepen your spiritual connection, and better understanding your own being by tapping into the secret world of geometry. Learn how to use crystals to deepen that connection and transform your world into workable manifestations.

  • What is the history of geometry?
  • How do you use sacred geometry?
  • What is the most powerful sacred geometry?
  • What are some sacred geometry symbols?
  • Are there some symbols that are more important than others?
  • Did I use sacred geometry in other lives and how do I know?
  • How do I know what geometry will align best with my soul?
  • What is healing geometry?
  • What is the Merkabah and how can it help me?
  • How do you meditate with or inside sacred geometry?
  • How do you heal using sacred geometry?
  • How can I use Sacred Geometry to evolve my consciousness?
  • How can I use Sacred Geometry to create a better alignment with my energetic body?
  • How can using Sacred Geometry help me create physical harmony in and around me?
  • How can I use sacred geometry and my crystals together for self-development?
  • How can I create a crystal grid?
  • Can I use my favorite crystals to work with sacred grids or do I need special ones?
  • Can rocks I found outdoors work when using or working with sacred geometry shapes?
  • Which crystal is best suited to empower my life’s journey? How do I know?
  • Can sacred geometry shapes affect the higher consciousness, or safety of those around me?
  • How can arranging my crystals affect others in my home, apartment building, workplace, neighborhood?


DURATION: 2 hours and 09 minutes

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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