What You Think, You Become

Life is the content of our thoughts. This is why when we love or hate something and focus on one of those scenarios strongly enough, we get more of it. Good or bad. Life doesn’t care whether our attention is positive or negative. It responds to the content of our attention. More of what we feel positively about will manifest. At the same time, if we feel negatively about something and think that’s bad, then something bad will happen. Fear leads to fear, worry causes worry. Gratitude leads to gratitude and loving words causes loving situations. Like when you resist something it persists.
  • What do thoughts have to do with who we are, and what we will become in life?
  • We have 60,000 thoughts rolling around in our head on a daily basis. These thoughts have a major influence on our present circumstances and on what we have or what we are missing in our lives.
  • Worry, fear, anger, jealousy?
  • What bogs up your mind and clogs up your future?
  • Are you moving forward in life, or are you feeling held back?
  • Are you focused on the positive more than you are paying attention to negativity?

This Webinar is all about resetting your thought frequencies so that you change your experiences in your life.


DURATION: 1 hours and 34 minutes

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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