How to Channel

Everyone has intuitive abilities. Many have started waking up to the fact that they possess different abilities and are becoming sensitive to their intuitive gifts, one of which is channeling. Find out where and how to start opening to this gift, how to stay balanced, and how to deal with this newfound ability in a healthy way.

Learn how non-physical and interdimensional beings can communicate through a person. Explore different channeling practices and find out how they can be adapted to our psychic or mediumship abilities.

Don’t get caught up in the confusion and chaos of it all. Allow intuitive channeling to be fun, and build your foundation for success today!

  • What is the difference between psychic work and channeling?
  • How can I channel an angel?
  • How can I channel a passed loved one?
  • How can I channel other interdimensional beings?
  • How can I channel safely?
  • What type of channeling is for me?


DURATION: 1 hours and 43 minutes

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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