Spiritual Awakenings

As the world matures, so do humans. We are all waking up to the issues within the world and the fact that outdated ways of being are needing to change, which includes our actions that add to the old paradigm way of thinking or being.

As a result, you may find yourself in one of many stages of spiritual awakenings happening on the planet. As your consciousness grows, and your interests shift, the meaning of life changes along with it. Once awakened, we often want to just go from 0 to 60 in a snap.

However, the truth is, the world is changing, but not yet changed and if we want to see a shift happen, we first need to change ourselves.

In this class, Kim will talk about the different stages of spiritual growth that you may be encountering and discuss what is needed to get through them with ease and grace.

    • What are some patterns or stages that I can recognize to help make sense of what’s happening to me?
    • What are the stages of spiritual awakenings?
    • Why is my ego freaking out? I am working on my self-esteem but why am I losing a sense of self?
    • Why do I feel like I am grieving the old me and wish I never started this spiritual process in the first place?
    • What is my true nature?
    • I seem to have so many questions and not enough answers? I thought spirituality was all bliss and fun.
    • Why did spiritually suddenly turn to feel isolating?
    • Who am I now?
    • How can I fill this void I feel?
    • What else is possible?
    • How do I create new habits? Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?
    • How do I know I am going the right way spiritually?
    • How can I develop true balance, so I don’t lose my way again?
    • I am interested in so many spiritual practices, how do I narrow it down?
  • What does it mean to narrow the road and why do I have to do that to tap into my true essence?


DURATION: 1 hours and 33 minutes

FORMAT: Video + MP3


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